WalgreensListens are trying their best to enhance the customer experience

In line with consumer expectations, marketers must offer exceptional customer experiences to stay relevant. Deepika Pandey, director of digital marketing for the Walgreens Boots Alliance, explains how technology enables your traditional stationery brand to gain a competitive advantage.

Due to rapid technological advancements, consumers today expect their shopping experience to be faster, better, and easier. They want the products to be delivered in an hour to pay for purchases on their phones, and they have almost everything they need to know or buy.

Walgreenslistens Objectives

Some of the primary objectives of conducting the Walgreens Listens Survey are listed below:

  1. To analyze and get through the customer’s minds and expectations.
  2. Walgreens Listens Survey helps the customers to reach out to the management team directly and file their opinions, complaint, suggestions, etc. without any sort of fear or worries.
  3. By this survey, the customers of the Walgreens can claim the lucrative rewards offered by the Walgreens Listens.
  4. Walgreens Listens Survey is the best and the easiest way for the Walgreens to be the best in the world.

Walgreens Listens Survey has been in the market for a good time now. In this survey, the customers can make sure that each and every opinion is considered and is worked upon in the best possible way.

Walgreens Listens Survey can be accessed only at the official survey portal.

Consumers no longer shop in an “online” or “offline” world, but in an “offline” world. They expect brands to have a transparent and streamlined experience across all channels. Today, sellers no longer have to worry about offering the best retail experience or the best online experience. We have to focus on offering the best customer experience.

Given the growing expectations of consumers, we as suppliers have to swear that customer needs are at the heart of everything we do. Here are three ways to deliver on that promise.

Walgreenslistens helping the customers in the best possible way

We constantly ask ourselves how we can be more relevant. How can we best meet the daily needs of customers who are on business, home or work, on tropical vacations, and everywhere?

One of the things we keep hearing is that customers really value their relationships with pharmacists and employees. We wanted to digitally reproduce this connection so that customers can enjoy a high-quality personalized experience even when they cannot enter a store. With Pharmacy Chat, customers can access trusted experts anytime, anywhere through our website or mobile app.

We also invest heavily in assistive technologies to improve the shopping experience for customers who visit our stores. The most important information we get from these buyers is that they are easily dominated by commercially available product options. To resolve this issue, we partnered with WebMD and created the Relief Advisor. Customers answer a few questions and in seconds we recommend the products that best meet their specific requirements.

This approach works. Shoppers who shop on their cell phones are six times more valuable to us than shoppers.

Innovation to the Walgreenslistens rescue

All these technological innovations have one thing in common: they are adapted to the needs of our customers. And that brings me to my last point. Good consumer experiences should inspire technology, not the other way around. Because everything we do at Walgreens is customer-focused, we believe that innovation should not be the responsibility of a team. That is why we integrate innovation into everyone’s work. With the common goal of creating better products and experiences for our customers, we host weekly forums with potential customers from different teams to discuss consumer surveys, exchange ideas, and challenge each other.

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