Shipping deadlines at the UPSers

If you skip the long lines at Christmas and just want to order from your couch, check delivery times before placing your orders, especially if you’re a procrastinator.

Fortunately, parcel delivery men are ready for pre-published bulk orders and holiday delivery times.

In anticipation of the expected growth in online ordering during the holiday season, we have expanded our global smart logistics network, which offers more capacity, real-time technology, and operational efficiency, said UPS. on the internet network. noting that it is always worth buying and shipping at the beginning of the holiday season.


Why do I need to register on the official portal?

After registering on the online portal, you will be able to check all your work-related details.

What are the details that the portal displays?

This portal allows you to check the details like your work schedule, the salary details, your earned leave status, etc.

Can I modify my personal details on the portal?

Yes. The portal allows registered users to modify their profile information.

Where can I access the official UPSers portal?

You can access the UPSers portal at the website address

Since Christmas is only a few weeks away and bad winter weather can come early, it’s always safer (and probably cheaper) to order early. It is also important to note that December 14 is “Free Shipping Day”.

Here are some key deadlines to keep in mind (for shipping to the US) to ensure your gifts arrive before December 25.

December 18: Last day for free delivery with no minimum order, free for all customers; Last day for standard delivery, free for Prime members

December 22: Last day for a two-day expedition, free for Prime members

December 23rd: Last day for daily shipping, free for Prime members in eligible areas

December 24: Last day of same-day delivery, free of charge for Prime members in eligible areas (order before 9:30 a.m. or more)

Amazon’s complete delivery schedule can be found here

Also, FREE same-day Prime day delivery has been extended to more than 10,000 cities, so most Prime members in the US can access this delivery option. Get last minute gifts and the basics you need for Christmas fast and free! An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News.

A UPS driver who wanted to raise awareness of distracted driving and pedestrian safety snapped a viral photo of a boy hiding under a pile of leaves by the side of the road on his delivery route.

Driver Jordan Weaver was in Elkhart, a city about 250 km north of Indianapolis, on November 5 when he saw the almost invisible boy hiding in a pile of leaves, just inches from the road. South Bend TV. He first crossed the street to deliver a package to a woman who turned out to be the boy’s mother.

Playing the moment with the boy’s head, Weaver said, hoping to use the photo as a teaching moment.

We have 15-minute meetings around the world before drivers leave, said Yahoo! Glenn Zaccara, Director of Corporate Media at UPS! Lifestyle related to pre-work communication meetings. Part of that is stretching and literally preparing to go. An important part of PCM is a type of safety message.

All drivers take turns giving advice or a safety record every morning.

Weaver shared his story with colleagues and sent the photo to someone on the local UPS Safety Committee who posted it on Facebook.

You actually have to have your eyes wide, Weaver said. No matter what street you are on, no matter where you are, you just have to keep your eyes open. You must watch everything around you

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