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Sarahah App is a feedback or suggestions sending App that allows sending feedback to anyone like your family, friends, Coworkers and your seniors, etc. We are going to discuss Sarahah App Download here. It is launched by Saudi programmer Zain al Abidin Tawfiq. You can improve yourself by getting sincere feedback from the people.

It helps to connect with other users who are on Sarahah App by syncing your phone contacts. This app is trending around the world and easily available on every App Store. It is a simple app to receive and send feedback or suggestions. Sarahah App is now released in English version which makes easier to read opinions.

Download Sarahah APP for Android

Sarahah App is available on Google Play Store, and if users want to download, then they can download directly from there.

1. First, open Play Store and search the name of Sarahah App in the search tab.

2. The app with title and icon will appear on the top of the screen.

3. Now, click on the app and tap to install the app.

4. Further, downloading process will begin. Wait till the downloading of an app.

5. Once downloading of Sarahah is over, open the app and register your account in Sarahah to use.

Download Sarahah APK for iOS

Sarahah APK for an iOS device is released in February 2017. It can be easily downloaded from iTunes Store.

1. Open iTunes Store and search the name of the App in the search tab.

2. The Sarahah APK with similar icon and name will appear on the top of a screen.

3. Click on the install tab to install it on your iOS device.

4. Further, use the app by registering your account.

Download Sarahah App for PC

Sarahah App for PC can be installed on PC by using Android Emulator called Bluestacks.

1. First, download the Bluestacks App from the link.

2. Now install the Bluestacks and search Sarahah App.

3. Further, install Sarahah APK in Bluestacks App and open.

4. Use Sarahah App by registering in this App.

Features of Sarahah APP

Sarahah is a social networking app which is available for Android and iOS. Here is the list of features available:

♦ It helps in self-development of users because of honest feedback from your employees and your friends.

♦ It helps you in building your strengths and areas for improvement.

♦ Sarahah APK is available in the English language that makes easier to read suggestions.

Sarahah Login & Sign Up Guide

1. If the user has already an account, then enter UserName and Password in the Login section.

2. And if you don’t have a Sarahah account then click on the Register Button.

3. Enter your Name, Email, Password, and Upload photo, etc. Now, click on the Register option.

4. Further, your account is confirmed then click on Login option and enter your newly created username and password.

5. Finally, the App is ready to send and receive feedback from your friends, family, and colleagues.


Sarahah App Download supports all platforms and also works fine on PC. There is no any restriction while installing this app on a different platform like PC, Android and iOS devices. Further, this app is in high demand after its launch because it helps the user to build strength by receiving suggestions from different people in a private manner.

You can get more information about Sarahah App linking to various social networking sites through our websites Kandan.

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