MyWegmansConnect will soon start its journey in the Durham

The Wegmans food market could make people in the region shop directly on the Orange County line by 2020, authorities said after the project was completed on Wednesday.

The Chapel Hill City Council unanimously voted on the 14.7-hectare Wegmans project in the United States (15-501) after addressing concerns about parking, traffic, and the potential impact of the grocery store on neighboring properties.

The project will replace AutoMall’s current performance in the United States. 15-501 and Old Durham Road. The car will be taken to the Southpoint Auto Mall near the Streets of Southpoint.

Chapel Hill and Orange County have agreed to pay Wegman’s $ 4 million bonus if the company creates 185 full-time and 413 part-time jobs over five years and meets its annual income and sales tax targets. Wegmans is expected to generate more than $ 1.8 million in property and sales taxes each year.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce is “delighted to have a Wegmans in our community,” said Katie Louis, vice president for foreign affairs.

“This is a fantastic company. They have high salaries for their employees, they are very close to the community and this will strengthen our corporate tax base,” he said.

Insights on the MyWegmansConnect

This is a simple customer satisfaction survey introduced by the Wegmans on the official site at the address and make sure that the people are pleased with the services and the food offered on its premises.

MyWegmansConnect at is an extremely secure and user-friendly portal for each and every customer to use. This customer satisfaction survey hardly demands any sort of effort from the customers. The management team of the Wegmans ensures that each and every feedback received in the will be genuinely analyzed and worked upon in the best possible way.

If any user faces any sort of trouble while accessing the portal, they can contact the customer support of the Wegmans without any hesitation.

The store is the first Wegmans approved for the triangle. Three other stores are available for Cary and Raleigh. The Chapel Hill store will have 750 parking spaces in two spaces, including a satellite parking space on Old Durham Road, which, according to engineer Pennoni Justin Brown, is primarily intended for employees.

During the 18-month approval process, traffic remained the key turning point for board members and residents.

As a result, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Wegmans, must make changes to roads and intersections. The New York grocery store is expected to add another 3,214 trips per day to 7,500 today.

According to official figures, Chapel Hill, passers-by, and nearby neighborhoods could account for about two-thirds of trips, as do the rest of Durham and Interstate 40.

While city councilors and parishioners hoped that the main entrance to the site might be on the side street that corresponds to US 15-501, Wegmans was unable to reach an agreement with the State Employee Credit Union, which is the old Blue Cross building with the blue sign on the side. TO.

Instead, the Wegmans will have an entrance on the side street and will leave an access point to the SECU property in the event of a future opportunity. Council members said the ability to channel some traffic into the side street was a bonus.

Three other entrances are located on Old Durham Road, east of the Hardees restaurant, at a new roundabout between Wegmans and its satellite property and behind the delivery store.

Craig Sheffler, a senior transportation engineer at HNTB, said the areas east of Lakeview Drive are not part of the traffic study, but after listening to residents, he thinks there should be a study of existing and related issues as well. with Wegman in these areas. Areas.

Stancil noted that there were also several discussions with SECU and UNC Health Care about the impact of traffic on the Wegmans project and its future plans.

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