McDVOICE introducing amendments to the sick leave rules

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts, is asking Walmart, Amazon, and, three of the largest employers in the US. Give all your employees, franchisees, and subcontractors pay medical vacations to pay for the coronavirus epidemic that is plaguing the American plague.

While all three have adopted some form of emergency disease policy in response to the epidemic, none of these strategies is sufficient to deal with the public health crisis, he said.

I understand that the mcdvoice business has remained open at this difficult time and that they are doing their part to ensure access to food for Americans during the pandemic, Warren wrote in letters to the companies.

As one of the largest employers in the United States, in this growing public health emergency, you are responsible for taking steps to protect your employees and ensure that your company’s policies do not deteriorate. Pandemic” continued the senator “I am afraid that many workers, due to deficiencies in these guidelines, may not be able to receive the best medical advice when they are sick and put themselves, their colleagues, and their communities at risk.”

McDonald’s sick pay does not extend to employees in its franchises, which represent 95% of companies, Warren wrote. Meanwhile, Walmart’s policy is only available if you are safe from the virus or are in official quarantine. Employees at the site informed HuffPost that they currently do not have access to paid recreation for various reasons. Amazon’s guidelines do not apply to many contractors and subcontractors.


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Corporate disease policy or its absence is currently in the spotlight as the United States faces a serious public health crisis. More than half of the employees of large employers say they do not have access to a paid illness. This means that millions of people face a dark choice between their own health and that of their community and a salary. The United States does not guarantee paid sick leave to workers like most other developed countries.

The CDC also advises Americans to avoid the doctor’s office at this time to ease the health care system. This means that workers who need medical documents to get sick are doubly obligated.

In the letters, Warren urges companies to follow the guidelines set forth in a recently proposed law by Sense Patty Murray (D-Wash.) And Kirsten Gillibrand (DN. Y.) that gives employees 14 days off from Work Without chains there. regardless of the length of their stay in the company or if they have received medical advice and without having to use other accumulated hobbies.

While Trump has announced that he will work to expand sick leave to more companies, recent Senate majority bill Mitch McConnell does not foresee additional sick leave to help treat the coronavirus.

Warren says McDVOICE sick leave should apply to everyone, including new and part-time employees, as well as franchises, subsidiaries, contractors, and subcontractors.

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